Lost narrow gauge



N.g. wagons, but when and where? Photo BTWT.

Just when you thought that BTWT had faded away to just a memory, here is another of our infamous competitions! Dyspozytor has delved deep into his box of B&W photos and came up with the picture above.

A couple of narrow gauge wagons stand on a factory siding. In the background a would-be passenger makes a dash for a waiting tram.

30 or so years ago this could have been taken anywhere in Poland. So, where was the photo taken, and for some bonus points, when?

As usual the first BTWT reader to get the answer right wins our first prize: instant fame on the pages of BTWT and the chance to take Dyspozytor out for a meal of fish and chips.

Please send your answers to railfan [at] go2 [dot] pl. Good luck!

3 Responses to “Lost narrow gauge”

  1. prestene203 Says:

    Not revealing the answer – really, just experimenting with commenting. I’m lousy at competitions, and am always totally out of my depth with BTWT ones — this one is no exception !

  2. John Schøler Nielsen Says:

    The photo is taken in the Helenowek tram depot in Lodz. There are two wagons and they are still there. They stand in the back of the depot. I saw them in 2011 during a vist to the depo!

    • Dyspozytor Says:

      The photo was taken in July at the former Brus tram depot – the two wagons had been moved from Helenowek since you last saw them.

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