New 750mm line opens!


Px48-1907 undergoing trials on the Krosnice N.G. Railway in 2012. Video by Krośnicka Kolej Wąskotorowa.

Although purists will grumble that it is not a real narrow gauge railway, the formal opening of the Krosnice  Narrow Gauge Railway, which takes place over the weekend of 25-6 May is a burst of sunlight in an otherwise murky landscape. Px48-1907, which graces the line, has been immaculately restored to a no-expense-spared finish.

Let us hope that Interlok at Pila have done as good a job on the boiler and moving parts of the loco as they have done on its external appearance. The engine will perform on new track laid on a brand new trackbed so, hopefully, given the light loads that the engine will now haul, everything will work perfectly for many years to come.

Px48-1907 on the Zulawy Railway in autumn 2010. Video by LukaszWMG

It may seem strange that, while some local authorities with narrow gauge lines would like nothing better than to dispose of them, Krosnice has built itself a brand-new line, albeit only a park railway, and have graced it with a real live Px48. However, given the way the Polish grapevine works, if the Krosnice Railway is successful, it may influence other local authorities to look again at their own lines.


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