PKP overcharged by 26.5 million PLN



It seems that ISO certification is not foolproof. Photo BTWT.

Today’s edition of Puls Biznesu breaks the story that PKP SA Chairman, Jakub Karnowski, has ordered the PKP main board to request Poland’s Anti Corruption Bureau (CBA) to investigate the manner in which 27 million PLN worth of contracts for ISO certification were awarded by 10 different PKP companies to Qwantum.

The certification was part of the safety drive ordered by Minister Nowak following the Szczekociny rail crash in March 2012 in which 16 people died and 58 were admitted to hospital. An internal audit revealed that the work should have only cost 550,000 PLN. Qwantum, like the Minister, hails from the Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot Trójmiasto on the Baltic coast.

Meanwhile, in an apparently unrelated story, Wprost carries the story that opposition politicians are demanding that the Minister appears before the Sejm Infrastructure Committee to explain recent press articles about how he accepted expensive entertainment from Cam Media without making the appropriate declaration. The Minister has also acquired a collection of expensive VIP watches we he claims were only ‘swapped’ with businessmen.

Cam Media is the company that came up with the ‘Feel Like At Home’ campaign for Euro 2012. It has received ‘tens of millions’ PLN worth of government contracts and also has worked on campaigns for the ruling Civic Platform party (PO).


2 Responses to “PKP overcharged by 26.5 million PLN”

  1. The Gricer Says:

    Seems like Poland is getting as bad as India as regards corruption for railway projects. Some pretty hefty backhanders there, I suspect.

  2. Hector Says:

    Qwantum is conected with some guys from Sopot? Public money spent for shitty projects? Who is responsible for that?

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