Piaseczno Px48 for sale



Px48-3917 leaving Piaseczno. Photo Kurier Wąskotorowy.

Piaseczno Narrow Gauge Railway’s iconic metre gauge Px48 has been put up for sale. The loco was acquired for the railway by Piaseczno Railway Society chairman, Jerzy Chmielewski. After Mr Chmielewski passed away their was a legal dispute between the Railway Society and Mr Chmielewski’s estate. The court decided in favour of the latter.

The loco left the railway on 12 December last year on a low loader and is now reportedly stored in a car park at Skarzysko Kamiene!

Px48-3917 started life as Px48-1782, a 750mm built by Warszawskie Zaklady Budowy Urządzen Przemyslowych. It was regauged to 1,000mm gauge at ZNTK Nowy Sacz in 1969 and given a new number, Px48-3903. In 1992 it was rebuilt by Interlok at Pila with the boiler from 750 mm gauge Px49-1791 and renumbered Px48-3917. After arriving at Piaseczno it had an extensive overhaul led by Zbyszek Tucholski and a team of volunteers.

The loco was the mainstay of special trains on the line until August 2010 when it was withdrawn with a failed boiler. Repairs have been estimated as costing 200,000PLN. The loco has been put on sale at the Polish Internet auction site Allegro with a ‘buy now’ price of 250,000PLN.

A hat tip to John Savery for the story.

2 Responses to “Piaseczno Px48 for sale”

  1. tim Says:

    yeah, I saw it on Allegro a good while ago.

  2. Rik Degruyter Says:

    Bull shit ! As far as any metre gauge railway would be interested, the loco is no more worth than 15,000 euro and that is a very good price !

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