Does Poland have the last steam-hauled passenger service?



Japanese designed 2-8-2 working a steam hauled passenger train in Kujang, South Pyongan province, North Korea. Video by newslabmedia.

It seems that the Wolsztyn steam kettles which are due to be taken off their regular Wolsztyn-Poznan passenger service by 2017 may not be hauling the world’s last regular steam-hauled passenger service running on the national railway network!

3 Responses to “Does Poland have the last steam-hauled passenger service?”

  1. Ellan Vannin Says:

    Don’t forget the Isle of Man, also still running steam-hauled regular timetabled services on their national railway!

  2. Peter Illert Says:

    Looks like a photo special organized for wealthy tourists. I wouldn`t wonder if the engine is scrapped in the meantime…..

  3. Robert Hall Says:

    North Korea has, though, long been tantalising as regards envisageable surviving regular steam working. Hopes die hard… Unfortunately, not a place to which one can go and roam around freely to find things out at first hand.

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