Room with a View


PoC Nastawnia-4977-2

New life for old – PoC Nastwania. Photo Marek Ciesielski.

It’s always pleasing to see someone find a new use for redundant railway assets.  Even more so when they are restored from a derelict condition.

Passing through Poznan recently, I had chance to meet friends for a drink, in PoC Nastawnia, a bar, which takes its name from, and is situated in one of the old, now redundant, signalboxes on the side of the railway.

The box has been restored over a few months, and a steel framed building grafted onto the side.  Whilst it not be the most aesthetically pleasing addition, it does enhance the space available on the inside.

PoC is the only surviving relic of the electro-mechanical signalboxes that were around Poznan station, before the power box was commissioned a few years ago.

The view – straight out onto the railway, with a clear view of the arrivals and departures from Poznan.

The beer – cold and refreshing!

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