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One less steam engine in Poland

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

But which one?


Robert Dylewski, who has established his reputation as a doughty defender of the remaining stock of Polish steam locomotives, sent out an alert today that the Labedy steelworks in Gliwice have received a pile of steel scrap which is undoubtedly a recently cut up steam locomotive boiler.

Robert’s informant speculates that the steel comes from Ty45-6 which was stored at Kezdierzyna Kozla. As yet, this has still to be confirmed.

BTWT will report back on this story as further information reaches us. However, one thing is certain – as the new cold winds of the economic crisis blow ever stronger – the future of Poland’s ‘remainder steam stock’ (i.e. not allocated to specific museums) looks decidedly bleak.

2013 TurKol Programme Published

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Turkol, who run both steam hauled and diesel tourist trains in Poland, have published their programme for the first part of 2013. The dates, which at present are visible to the end of August, show the usual range of long distance, and short haul charters.

The programme starts on 13 February, with the diesel hauled “Wodnik”, the train to the AquaPark in Wagrowiec.

With a lull during March, the programme gets more intense in April, with a train to Torun, plus an add on from Torun, and then the usual trains associated with the Wolsztyn Parade (now in its 20th year, and set for 27 April)

The long distance Pirat (to Kolobrzeg) is set for 1 June, a marathon day out.

This year’s itinery, as published so far, does contain additional trips to last year, including a trip from Poznan to Wroclaw via Ostrow Wielkopolska.

Full details of the itinery can be found on the TurKol website.