Little train to Sroda


‘Little Train to Sroda’ by David Doré

David Doré is a professional film maker. He has scores of films, many made for the railway industry, to his credit. He has made some of his work accessible on Vimeo and we look forward to exploring it together on the pages of BTWT.

David made this superb short film about the Sroda narrow gauge railway in 1996. Happily, although there have been some recent rumblings that all is not well at Sroda, there does seem to be some good news at last. The railway’s support society recently organised a study tour for the mayor of Sroda and some of his officials to visit the narrow gauge line in Zittau.

Shortly after that a decision was made by the Town Council to fund the overhaul of one of the line’s two Px48s! What a pity that the Smigiel Railway’s support society has not shown similar enterprise and seems to be content to merely act as a fan club for that town’s mayor!

3 Responses to “Little train to Sroda”

  1. Robert Parry Says:

    Nice one….

    Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2012 09:28:26 +0000 To:

  2. John Schøler Nielsen Says:

    Very nice video. I was there in 1996 and remember David making film !.. It was a very beauteful litlle railway and i / we visit it for many times. I still have a nice souvenir from the railway hanging on my wall, the original plate,s from Px 48 – 1756 bougth from a enginedriver in 1998. ( before it was send to Pila for overhaul)

    Hope to see it again some day !.

    John. Denmark.

  3. Ed Beale Says:

    This is great news! The situation at Sroda was starting to look very serious with the boiler certificate of their only working locomotive about to expire, and politicians making noises about shortening the line. Congratulations to the Sroda railway support society on their initiative and good luck for the future!

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