Pyskowice society loses court case



Happier days, Pyskowice in Oct. 2005. The engine shed roof is still intact, and TOZKiOS have use of sidings and covered accommodation at a peppercorn rent. Photo by J. Nowaczewski.

(Click image to see the original picture and for the rest J Nowaczewski’s photos of Pyskowice.)

We just heard that earlier today in Katowice, the court hearing the case brought by PKP’s real estate department, has ordered TOZKiOS to vacate the former wagon works at the Pyskowice MPD complex.

This is neither the end of TOZKiOS, nor the Skansen, because the society has a rental agreement on railway sidings leased from from the infrastructure manager, PKP PLK, but after 14 years of hard work on the site it will be a bitter blow to loose their secure covered accommodation.

We will discuss the current situation, and how BTWT could help, with the TOZKiOS management board and report back shortly.


I have just taken a call from the President and Vice-president of TOZKiOS. They will be drafting a high-profile appeal and we will be meeting within the next 10 days to brainstorm available options. WATCH THIS SPACE!



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