Poles in 4th place re. rail disatisfaction


Only the Bulgarians, Romanians and Italians are more dissatisfied with their rail services. Table courtesy European Commission.

(Click graph to see it double-size. Click on the link to download the source document: Eurobarometer 388.)

The European Commission has published the results of a public opinion survey which shows, that of the 25 EU nations surveyed, Poland is in 4th place when it comes to dissatisfaction with the country’s rail network.

Only 28% of the Poles surveyed said that they were satisfied with the nation’s railways.

With a hat tip to Podroznik for the link.

3 Responses to “Poles in 4th place re. rail disatisfaction”

  1. DC Says:

    What a shame. How nice it would be to see better rail infrastructure supporting more uniform growth across the country.

    BTW, I am planning a trip to Poland and was looking at rail schedules between Kraków and Katowice. It looks like travel time is about 2.5 hours for the ~80 km trip. Any idea why this is? I’m hoping the slow trip is due to construction projects to upgrade the tracks or something; too optimistic? I’ve travelled this route years ago and I don’t remember such a long ride. Am I mistaken?

  2. Dyspozytor Says:

    The length of time that the Krakow – Katowice services take is a disgrace. The usual time that IC’s TLK services take is around 2hrs. 18min. to which must be added another 10 min for the temporary single line working across the bridge under repair between Taciszow and Rudziniec Gliwicki.

    Meanwhile the Przewozy Regionalne bus does the journey in 1hr. 15min. !

    Sadly, until the Government, particularly the Ministry of Finance, realises the harm that Poland’s third world railways are doing to the Polish economy, things will not get any better.

  3. DC Says:

    Ah, so much for an upgrade right around the corner. Drag.

    I can definitely back your assertion about the negative effect on at least one part of the economy. I am sometimes on the Lonely Planet forum and see people planning multi-country trips. All too often one sees Poland being left off itineraries because it just takes too long for people with limited time. Others who do visit Poland don’t see as much as they would like since quick day-trips to other towns are limited by slow travel times. Too bad for residents as well: I will guess that independent train travelers are, on average, better guests than many from the Ryanair crowd.

    Anyway, thanks for the response, and thank you for your efforts to call attention what needs to be done with your blog.

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