PKP Cargo plans for Wolsztyn locos


Pociag do Wielkopolski 23.7.2012 – rail enthusiast produced Wielkoplska province TV programme.

According to Andrzej Jablonski, a Director of the Wielkopolska Division of PKP Cargo, the company wants to maintain 4 working steam locomotives to maintain a reliable Wolsztyn-Poznan service and cope with  steam specials.

Major overhauls will be moved from Leszno to Chabowka where there is already a team of steam fitters based at the ‘skansen’. Jablonski wants to keep two of the Wolsztyn Ol49s in service and also Pt47-67. He also has his eye on Ol49-100 in Chabowka, which – although out of service since 2006 – is reported to have a good firebox.

Jablonski also has a ‘wish list’ of locos that he would like to see in service which includes Warsaw Railway Museum-owned Pm36-2 Piekna Helena and 4-6-0 Ok1-359, but with the Pm36’s ticket due to expire (the loco will need a new firebox) and the Ok1 being not powerful enough for the Poznan turns, it is likely that, for the time being at least, his ‘wish list’ will remain just that.

With a hat tip to Podroznik for the story.

3 Responses to “PKP Cargo plans for Wolsztyn locos”

  1. The Gricer Says:

    While this is indeed good news, as someone who has driven an Ol49 over the Wolsztyn-Poznan route and back, leaving aside the efforts of Trevor and Howard Jones which I wholeheartedly applaud, if PKP are serious about a regular passenger service, then it need to be properly marketed.

    That means locally and nationally, with tourist boards, and also internationally such as at World Travel Market, No tatty leaflets in a rack at a remote Polish station.

    Would it also be too much to ask for a website too as part of the marketing effort?

    It is after all, one of the last regular scheduled standard gauge steam operations in the World, so deserves some effort.

  2. Alex Everts Says:

    Last week I was in Wolsztyn and I talked with some of the drivers.

    One told me that the Ol49-100 currently in Chabowka will be overhauled and that in September Pt47-65 is also going to Chabowka. They both come back to Wolsztyn in March, then Ok1-359 and Ol49-59 will go to Chabowka for repair.

    He said that the Ok1 is also suitable for the normal service. The Ok1 is better than the Pm36-2 for this train!

    Also seems to go well with the staff. There are currently new drivers being (re)trained.

    In short, it looks good for Wolsztyn!

  3. Vincent Bellafiore Says:

    Marketing, marketing, marketing is essential.

    Perhaps a letter writing campaign to PKP and political leaders is necessary at this time.

    Polish pride in their traditional values is evidenced at Wolsztyn.

    Ever since 1989 Poland has had the opportunity to have learned from the mistakes of the past as well as avoiding the current economic and cultural mistakes being made around the globe. Poland can be known as the nation that “got it right”

    Promoting tourism and supporting programs such as the Wolsztyn Experience should be embraced as long term goals.

    Please provide names and addresses of the PKP directors and politicians who should be contacted.

    Dr. Vincent Bellafiore

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