Court case adjourned till October.

Yesterday the adjourned court case regarding TOZKiOS’s use of the former engine shed at Pyskowice was reconvened, only to be adjourned again till October! While we are not yet out of the woods, it looks as if the accumulating weight of letters received at the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Maritime Affairs, has thrown a spanner in the works and the society will not be receiving their marching orders just yet.

The good news is that local politicians are beginning to get involved and that there is the first glimmer of hope that PKP SA and TOZKiOS may be able to come to an agreement before the court case convenes for the third time. At least the October date gives us time to explore all available options, if PKP SA prove willing to negotiate in good faith. We have arranged to interview Zbyszek Jakubina, the Chairman of TOZKiOS on Thursday afternoon and will publish a detailed post on the subject of the Pyskowice Skansen as soon as possible thereafter.

Many thanks to all BTWT readers who took part in our letter writing campaign. It is only appropriate that I also acknowledge the debt of gratitude due to several senior figures in the international railway heritage movement who also took up their pens on behalf of Pyskowice.

My most sincere thanks to you all,


3 Responses to “PYSKOWICE REPRIEVE!”

  1. Rik Degruyter Says:

    Hopeful news. Similar to what we achieved in Belgium, I propose that land and buildings should be leased to TOSKIOS for a minor sum and for a long term (27 or 99 years) with equally transferring all responsabilities (maintenance, etc).

  2. Chris White Says:

    These things are never likely to be resolved in the courts. We must hope that the various parties will reach a realistic long term solution that is of benefit to the local community and the preservation of the railway heritage.

  3. M.P. "Preki" Says:

    Heh, Rik, 99 years sounds like infinity :) It is more than enough. Transferring responsibilities is a must, though TOZKiOS members already feel responsible for the perimeter, regularly dealing with the foliage around and infrastructure.

    Chris, this case has never been resolved in a court up to now, mostly because PKP send a badly briefed representative or even no representative at all (that’s a low blow). The museum could bring this condemned part of Pyskowice alive. Today, the only attraction around this area is the local pizzeria (or at least I believe that to be the case.

    Well… all we have do is to have hope and wait for “that” day. And if that day eventually comes… I’m going to celebrate it year by year!

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