Narrow gauge line reopened…


… but closed again one week later!

The first train reaches Tuja on 7 June. Photo Wojciech Lemanski –

(Click to see the original photo and discussion forum, in Polish.)

On 7 June the Nowy Dwor Gdanski narrow gauge railway opened a 6km extension south-west from Nowy Dwor Gdanski to Tuja. Trains had not previously run on this line in preservation apart from the short stretch to Nowy Dwor Cemetary, to which some All Saints Day special trains ran in previous years. Following weed cutting and repairs to the line, two trains daily ran to Tuja over the June long weekend, 7 – 10 June, via the intermediate halts of Cmentarz Komunalny, Tuja Mleczarnia and Orlowko.

Just a week later on Sunday 17 June, the railway had been invited to take part in the Childrens Day festivities at Tuja, and planned to run a special train with 130 seats for children and their parents. The train was to have departed at 12:30 from Nowy Dwor and returned after the festival at 18:30. At 10am a draisine ran to check the track. Disaster! A 30 metre stretch of track near Tuja Mleczarnia had been stolen. The Childrens Day train sadly had to be cancelled and the Tuja line is now once again closed until further notice.

Thirty metres of track stolen at Tuja Mleczarnia. Photo PTMKZ

(Click to see the original on the PTMKZ website.)

Track theft remains a major problem for Poland’s narrow gauge railways. Rogow, Bytom, Piaseczno and now Nowy Dwor Gdanski have all suffered from it in the past six months alone. Most railways do not have the resources to replace stretches of track immediately so any theft can bring trains to a complete halt for weeks or months.

Nowy Dwor Gdanski’s main ‘T’ shaped network running north from Nowy Dwor to Stegna with branches west to Prawy Brzeg Wisly and east to Sztutowo, is unaffected by the theft, however, and trains are now running daily until 2 September.


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