Przeworsk Railway reopens for 2012


Kanczuga Station, Przeworsk Railway. Photo Pabbloz.

(Click on image to enlarge, click here for details of licensing.)

After missing the traditional beginning-of-May start of the operating season, the SKPL-operated Przeworsk Railway commenced its 2012 passenger operations on 2 and 3 June. Trains will run every Saturday and Sunday during June, July and August; departing from Przeworsk at 09:00 and arriving at Dynow at 11:45. The return working departs from Dynow at 14:30 and arrives at Przeworsk at 17:10. In addition a free-of-charge shuttle is operated in association the the restaurant at Bachorz. The shuttle departs from Dynow at 13:00 and arrives at Bachorz at 13:10. It leaves Bachorz at 13:50 and returns to Dynow at 14:00. There is just time to sample the traditional Polish kotlet schabowy (pork chop) if you order promptly! During September trains will only run on Sundays.

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