Yet another collision!


The accident scene. Still from a video by OSTROW24.TV.

(Click image to read a report on the accident and see the complete video on the website.)

Hardly had the virtual ink dried on our post correcting our comment on the safety record of Polish railways when news came in of yet another collision!

This time the collision occurred on Sunday morning around 04:32 at Ostrow Wielkopolski. A freight train en route from Ilowo to Imbramowice hauled by an EU07 owned by PHU Lokomotiv ran into a PR Regio stopping passenger train waiting on track 10 by platform 3 for its scheduled departure to Wroclaw Glowny at 04:49. Four people were slightly injured.

A commission has been set up to investigate question, Why did a freight train with two people in the cab run onto a track already occupied by a passenger train?



2 Responses to “Yet another collision!”

  1. M.P. "Preki" Says:

    There’s a possibility that EU07 had her CA/SHP safety devices turned off, rumors say that this is notorious among private train crews. The driver must have been asleep or seriously tired at the time of entering Ostrów Wlkp., add inactive safety measures to the mix and you have a rail crash.

    I’m not sure if SHP has some dependency on dispatcher’s radio-stop signal. That is: if a vehicle has its SHP off, then there’s no use in trying to stop it remotely.

  2. Mike Says:

    That one (unlike the very minor Warszawa Praga collision) looks nasty – lucky there were no fatalities or serious injuries.

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