Test train runs to Okecie


1st test train at Okecie 20.04.2011. Photo PKP PLK.

On Friday 20 April, the first passenger train – albeit without any passengers – ran along the new spur to the brand new station constructed next to Terminal 2 at Warsaw’s Chopin airport. The unit was a PESA built Elf EMU belonging to SKM Warszawa. Test runs were carried out on both tracks without any mishaps. The line must now go through a rigorous acceptance process involving both building regulations inspectors and the Warsaw Fire Department before passenger services can commence.

PKP PLK are hoping to open the line to traffic at the beginning of June, a week before the Euro 2012 championships start in Poland. However, on 26 April, Poland’s Sport Minister, Joanna Much, added the Warsaw airport spur to her list of railway investments – including the rebuilding of Wroclaw and Poznan stations – where there is considerable doubt whether commissioning can be completed in time for the start of the championships.


One Response to “Test train runs to Okecie”

  1. Mike Says:

    The service was listed in the DB leaflet (is there a proper name for those things?) in the EC44 Berlin -> Warsaw I took recently.

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