Smigiel – Tourist trains from May


Neat station but rusty rails at Smigiel. Photo John Savery

John Savery was in Poland a week ago and called into Smigiel while passing. He sent us some photos of the slumbering yard and shed, and reported that little had visibly changed since his last visit, apart from the loss of the majority of the transporter wagons.

Meanwhile, operating dates for tourist trains in 2012 have been announced on the new Smigielska Kolej Waskotorowa website. Public trains will run on the following dates:

  1. Thursday 3 May
  2. Saturday 26 May – Smigiel Days
  3. Sunday 27 May – Mother’s Day
  4. Sunday 3 June – Children’s Day
  5. Saturday 23 June – An evening ride to welcome the summer
  6. Saturday 14 July
  7. Sunday 12 August
  8. Wednesday 15 – Sunday 19 August – International Folklore Festival
  9. Sunday 16 September – Smigiel Railway anniversary
  10. Sunday 11 November

No further details have been released yet, including timetables or prices. It seems fair to assume that the trains will only run over the Smigiel to Stare Bojanowo section of the line.

The remaining transporter wagons. Photo John Savery

John Savery writes: Around the back of the shed are 4 surviving transporter wagons.  The remainder appear to have gone for scrap.  They were lined up in the station area when I last called in, and there is solidified molten metal on the ground (evidence of oxy-acetylene cutting).

Derelict Romanian railcar outside the shed. Photo John Savery.

The railcar that has been up on a transport wagon for years is still there, still sitting on a transporter wagon.

A glimpse inside Smigiel shed. Photo John Savery.

Piles of sleepers remaining to be used. Photo John Savery.

The large pile of sleepers, mentioned in Smigiel smiles in its sleep, is still there. They have not been used yet, and there was no sign of activity when I was around (it was a Sunday morning though).

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