Second steam locomotive arrives at Gryfice


Px48-3913 being unloaded at Gryfice. Video by  .

(Posted on YouTube on 24 March.)

At 7am on Saturday 24 March, Px48-3913 returned to Gryfice after more than 21 years in Germany. The locomotive, owned by entrepreneur Gerhard Kellner, moved to the Brohltalbahn near Koblenz in 1990. It worked on the Brohltalbahn until 2008, and was then moved to the MaLoWa workshop in Benndorf. It is part of a locomotive swap in which one of Gryfice’s Lxd2 diesel locomotives has moved to Germany in return. Px48-3913 will now receive a heavy overhaul and once complete there will be two operational steam locomotives available at Gryfice. The other is Px48-3916 which is owned by Warsaw Railway Museum but on long term loan to Gryfice.

In the meantime major works are continuing on the Gryfice railway, including relaying the 11km coastal stretch, curve easements to allow faster running, building new stations at Trzesacz, Sliwin and Niechorze Latarnia, refurbishing the existing stations, and refurbishing the passenger coaches. It is not clear yet whether the works will be complete in time to run trains this summer; a second summer without narrow gauge trains seems to be a distinct possibility.


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