SKPL goes heavy haul-haul


SM42 loco and train at Rogowiec, 14 march. Photo SKPL.

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When Stowarzyszenie Kolejowych Przewozow Lokalnych (SKPL) – literally the Local Rail Haulage Association – was set up in 2001, its promoters hoped to take over all the narrow gauge lines that had been closed that year by PKP. Sadly few local authorities regarded their n.g. lines as anything more than a convenient land bank and in the end only a handful of lines were saved.

Nevertheless SKPL managed to take over the operation of 7 n.g. lines – Kalisz, Krosniewice, Mlawa, Naleczow, Pleszew, Przeworsk and Smigiel – and an equal number reached the ‘serious discussion’ stage with their relevant local authorities.

Today SKPL runs only three narrow gauge lines, but is building up its portfolio of standard gauge ‘short-lines’ – long sidings and branch lines on which it manages and runs freight operations.

This is what 28 wagons look like from the cab! Photo SKPL.

(Click image to enlarge.)

On 14 march, SKPL ran a test train of Ucs and Uacs wagons on the route: Piotrkow Trybunalski – Rogowiec – Piotrkow Trybunalski. The wagons collected fly-ash from the power station at Belchatow. The Rogowiec – Piotrkow lines is not electrified. From Piotrkow another operator and an electric locomotive took the train of 28 wagons to Chelm, their ultimate destination.

2 Responses to “SKPL goes heavy haul-haul”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    A very belated query about this post (to which it seems I was not paying the closest possible attention when it came out). A matter brought up by a friend: what is the actual significance in this operation, of Rogowiec? Google would suggest that Rogowiec is situated about 10km south-west of Belchatow town.

    My impression had been that the relatively new branch west from Piotrkow Tryb. (opened 1980s IIRC) simply terminated at Belchatow – I had never heard of Rogowiec, prior to this post. Could it be that the power station is located at Rogowiec, but its official title is Elektrownia Belchatow?

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