Thieves hit Rogow Railway


Let’s Help Repair the Line!

by Ed Beale

The track after the theft. Photo FPKW.

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The Rogow narrow gauge railway suffered serious damage in December 2011. Thieves stole 11.5 tons of rail bolts and baseplates from a stretch of line between Jezow and Bialynin. The theft, which was discovered on the morning of 21 December, also left 460 sleepers damaged. Loss adjusters have estimated the total damage at 88,885 PLN (About £18,000)

FPKW do not have the funds to make good the damage, so Poland’s longest operating narrow gauge railway, 49km long in total, has been reduced to an operating length of just 8km. The whole line is being regularly patrolled to try to prevent any further thefts, which become more likely when a section of railway railway is seen to be completely disused for any period of time.

FPKW are appealing for donations to help repair the damage. Donations can be made by PayPal from the FPKW website. The linked page is in Polish, though it will switch to English when you enter your card and address details. The instructions should be fairly familiar to those who have previously used PayPal, but here are the detailed instructions for people who live in the UK:

1. Click on the PayPal banner on the FPKW homepage.
2. Enter the donation amount in zloty under ‘Kwota Darowizny’ (the current exchange rate is approximately 5 zl to £1).
3. Click the update button: ‘Aktualizuj sume’.
4. A second screen will appear. Check the donation amount in the top bar.
5. If you have a PayPal account, enter your login details in the box on the right, email address and password (‘Haslo’), then click ‘Zaloguj sie’ (log in).
6. If you don’t have a PayPal account, click ‘Kontynuuj’ above the credit card symbols to pay by credit card. On the next screen, UK citizens should select ‘Wielka Brytania’ for ‘Kraj’ (Country). This will change the rest of the form to English. Enter the rest of your payment and address details. Click ‘Review Donation and Continue’.
7. Whether you have logged into your PayPal account or entered your credit or debit card details, the next screen shows the donation amount in pounds sterling. This is the amount that will be taken from your credit/debit card. Check that you are happy with it then click the ‘Donate’ button.

Autumn magic, Lyd1 and train. Photo FPKW.

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In the meantime, the tourist season will commence as planned on 29 April, but trains will run on a modified timetable using only the Rogow to Jezow section of the line. Four return trips will run every Sunday until 30 September, and also on 1, 2 and 3 May.

Click the link at the end to make a donation to the FPKW’s appeal:



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