100 trains slashed in Silesia


by Ed Beale

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(Click on image to download the whole list as a pdf file.)

Przewozy Regionalne (PR) have announced large-scale service cuts in Silesia, despite a 30 million zloty increase in subsidy from the regional government. The cuts will be carried out in two stages: at the beginning of March and in June. All services from Bytom to Gliwice will go, and most services from Czestochowa to Fosowskie, Rybnik to Pszczyna, Rybnik to Chalupki and Zebrzydowice to Cieszyn.

Alexandra Marzynska, spokesperson for the Chief Executive of Silesia, said negotiations with PR on reducing their operating costs had failed. Przewozy Regionalne is so expensive it’s hard to grasp. It’s a bottomless pit – it can absorb any amount and it will still be too small. It’s scary.

Other regions have already discovered the same thing, hence the growth of smaller more efficient regional operators in recent years. Many local services in Pomorskie, Kujawko-Pomorskie, Wielkopolskie, Dornoslaskie and Mazowieckie regions are already being operated by such companies, including one route in Silesia itself: Czestochowa to Gliwice. It seems likely that at the end of PR’s current five year contract in Silesia, which expires in December 2012, PR will find themselves losing more local services in this region.

Protests have followed the news, especially in Cieszyn, which will lose all of its train services in commuting hours. In this town which already has 15% unemployment, the protesters say that it will now be impossible to get to jobs in Bielsko-Biala, the largest city in the area. Compounding the problem for commuters is the two weeks notice given for such a sweeping change.


4 Responses to “100 trains slashed in Silesia”

  1. Rik Degruyter Says:

    The cheapest trains are those not running…….

  2. Rik Degruyter Says:

    Passengers ? Oh, did we carry passengers ?

  3. Rik Degruyter Says:

    Oh, Dr. Beeching!

  4. Michael Says:

    Przewozy Regionalne – frankly – is a complete joke.

    I regularly have to use them to go to/from Oborniki Wlkp. from Poznan – and how they operate is just frankly unbelievable. A train of 3 carriages will have either three or four conductors sitting in their compartment, and they will frequently be found smoking there (despite the ban). Their attitude is frequently dreadful – and you can really see that the better employees have long ago left for better waters.

    Contrast this to the newly formed Kolej Wielkopolskie – with pleasant, cheery staff who are very understanding.

    It’s my prediction that Przewozy Regionalne will be destroyed by the shareholders on purpose – the provinces have had enough of the bottomless moneysucking pit that is PR.

    Frankly, Poland will be better off without them. The provinces will launch their own train services, they will agree on inter-provincial routes and the whole thing will be far better run.

    As I remember, Przewozy Regionalne isn’t allowed to go bankrupt. Might it just be killed off through the provinces refusing to deal with the company anymore?

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