Bad tidings from Smigiel



Two Lxd2 diesels ready to leave Smigiel Yard 16 February 2011. Photo 007.

We have just heard that two Lxd2 diesels belonging to the Smigiel Railway have been loaded on low loaders at Smigiel Station.

That the operation was carried out late at night does not bode well for their fate.

Local supporters of the Smigiel Railway fear the worst – that Smigiel Town Council has sold the engines.

We will publish updates on this story just as soon as more information is received.

3 Responses to “Bad tidings from Smigiel”

  1. Alastair Tillotson Says:

    More here


  2. John Savery Says:

    The best way of describing this is asset stripping. How long before the council decide that there is cash in the rails between Smigiel and Wielichowo, and the freight interchange sidings (which as well as being blocked, are redundant as the council has sold the transporters for scrap). Perchance it is not dead but sleepeth, but it’s going to take some waking up the way this is going…. Definitely a case of killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

  3. Ed Beale Says:

    Smigiel council have made around 400,000 zloty from selling the railway’s assets in the past six months, 10,000 zl each for the 33 transporter wagons and 50,000 zl each for these two Lxd2s.

    The question is – how much of this will be reinvested in the railway? 400,000 zl to improve the track, renovate passenger stock and employ staff would set the preserved railway off on a good footing, but I fear a lot of it will end up in the council’s general coffers.

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