BTWT Deputy Editor Apointed!


It hardly seems possible that Ed Beale’s article about narrow gauge operations in winter was really our 894th post and that BTWT is a month short of its third birthday. Will we still be running in 2015? There is every reason to hope so!

We have an enthusiastic readership which keeps us up to date with the latest developments; we have some excellent contributors who send in some first rate articles and photographs; and at last we have a Deputy Editor!

I am delighted to welcome Ed Beale to our editorial team. Ed has a light pen and his recent contributions have made BTWT much more interesting and entertaining. Ed has had a long term interest in Polish railways, especially narrow gauge railways. He has published the Narrow Rail website since 2001 so his commitment to ‘the cause’ is no passing fancy!

There will inevitably be period while Ed and the rest of the team adjust to each others way of working and – of course – there is no guarantee that Ed will like the job. So both sides have agreed a two month a ‘running in’ period just to check out how matters work out.

So Ed’s formal title is BTWT Deputy Editor Designate, we look forward to dropping the ‘designate’ when the two months are up!


2 Responses to “BTWT Deputy Editor Apointed!”

  1. Bill Collins Says:

    Sorry for posting this here but I’m as thick as a plank and can’t puzzle out how to contact you through the site.

    Ryanair, the world’s favourite airline, today (8th Feb) announced it would open 8 routes from Warsaw to Brussels, Budapest, Dublin, London, Milan, Oslo, Rome and Stockholm as soon as Warsaw’s new Modlin airport opens on 16 July 2012. These 8 new Warsaw routes will deliver 700,000 passengers p.a. and create up to 700 local jobs at Modlin Airport.

    The rather basic airport site says that ….

    The Polish Railway Authority (PKP PLK S.A.) plans to modernize Modlin railway station and Warsaw East (Warszawa Wschodnia) Railway Station – Modlin railway line. There is a siding from Modlin railway station to the airport which, after modernization (widening, improvement of track parameters, connection of electric traction, construction of the station building and related infrastructure) will be used for passenger transport and cargo loading/ unloading. Thus, the airport will acquire a railway connection with Warsaw and, ultimately, Warsaw F. Chopin Airport.

    Anyone know if the line will be open by the time Ryanair start flying?

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