Look no rail!


A January walk along the River Soar in Leicester. Video by .

Dear Dyspozytor,

I am writing to register my protest at today’s post. I have  refrained from writing before, although I have been very annoyed by ‘BTWT’. When are you going to publish the final sections of ‘A return journey’, announce the results of your last competition, or even deign to tell us what you saw and did in the Ukraine?

Today’s post is the last straw! Where are the trains? What is the Polish connection? You seem to have been seduced by an arty-farty video produced with the aid of expensive video equipment which none of your readers cannot afford.

You forget that most of your readers live in places like Leicester. They don’t want to see them again on ‘BTWT’. Please return to Polish RAIL subjects.


Tunbridge Wells

Dear Disgusted,

Thank you very much for writing. You are right – we do take a long time to finish our serial posts. Are you volunteering to take the post of Deputy Editor?

The short answer to your questions is that I am currently in the UK. I once rowed from Brentford to Leicester up the Grand Union Canal and this video seems to capture my feelings about the City and, in fact, the UK as a whole.

The long answer (there are both rail and Polish connections) will be published on the ‘English Rail’ blog which will be relaunching shortly.

Best wishes


PS. The video was made on a Panasonic GH2 camera (about £650) with a hack created by eccentric Russian Genius, Vitaliy Kiselev, incorporating patches (tested settings) by Nick Driftwood and Chris Brandin.

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