10 years ago today…


the first train ran on an ex PKP railway line.

SKPL train hauled by 401Da diesel returning empty wagons from Srem to Chempin on 4 February 2012. Photo SKPL.

(Click to expand.)

10 years ago today, a PKP Cargo freight train hauled by a SM31 diesel locomotive brought 2 Hbbis wagons loaded with salt that had come from Hamburg-Süd to the freight transfer siding at Stare Bojanowo. Here the standard gauge wagons were loaded aboard 750mm gauge transporters and hauled by a Lxd2 diesel to Smigiel. So took place the first freight movement on a former PKP operated railway. A little train SKPL ran their first passenger train from Smigiel to Sniat.

Alas neither freight trains nor community passenger trains run any longer on the Smigiel Railway, though the line survives as a ‘tourist railway‘. Meanwhile SKPL has become a major standard gauge ‘shortlines’ operator as these photos of 2 rakes of 14 bogie wagons being returned today from Srem to the PKP interchange at Czempin testify.

Given the fate of the Smigiel Railway – a very apposite picture. Photo SKPL.

(Click to expand.)

Just look at the state of that road! How much worse it would be if the heavy freight to the foundry at Srem was going by lorry?

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