Ol49-69 turned at Leszno


Progress! Ol49-69 at Leszno. Video by Eisenfisch100.

This short, but informative, video by shows further progress on the chassis of Ol49-69 at Leszno. The coupling rod journals have been turned, the wheels and painted and the chassis turned on the turntable.

The final clips of the video remind me of the scene in Oh Mr Porter where Porter, Harbottle and Albert discuss a series of shunting moves while a rake of trucks they have inadvertently set into motion hurtles to destruction!

A hat tip to Alex Everts for sending us the link to the YouTube video.



15 Responses to “Ol49-69 turned at Leszno”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    This loco is supposed to be ready in February! They seem to have a long way to go unless the boiler is ready to drop into the frames and everything else is ready!

    I have not got much faith in their work as the locos that go to Leszno seem to spend an inordinate amount of time getting “fixed” and they seem to not be able to bed bearings in properly – possibly a result of doing diesel overhauls where the bearings are roller type and do not need scraped and bedded in manually!

    Over to you Leszno and we will see if you can actually turn out a RELIABLE overhauled engine on time!

  2. John Says:

    Forgive my ignorance but which loco is stabled next to 69’s frame in the shed? The cab signs have been removed.

  3. John Savery Says:

    For info, Pm36-2 is in works (and has been since November) due to failure of a roller bearing on one of the tender axles.

  4. John Says:

    Thanks gents. The loco looked black not green….

  5. Alex Everts Says:

    Do not forget that this movie was made almost a month ago.

    The return of the Ol49-69 (99) is planned for April, so the boiler will soon come back.

    The Ol49-23 should be ready in March 2013 because the Ol49-59 then goes out of service.

    Perhaps they may soon begin to restore the Pt47-65. the locomotive will probably be ready in April 2013.
    Then the locomotive runs exactly 2 years before the boiler inspection expires.

    Then comes the Pm36-2 and a new Ol49 and hopefully also finally Ok1 and Ok22!

  6. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Alex, Your information – wherever you are getting it from – is well out of date!

    The next Ol49 was due out of works in February and NOT April!

    The PM is going back to the Warsaw museum in April, so I think it’s doubtful whether it will run again due to the tender bearing problem. (Although I DO hope I am wrong.)

    The Ok1 is NOT going to be overhauled UNLESS someone digs deep into their pockets, as it is too small to keep time on a regular basis on the run to Poznan.

    The Pt47 is going to Pila for overhaul, but when?

    As the service is down to one Ol49 with lots stripped down at Leszno with fitters scratching their heads about how to put them together again I fear that steam IS on its last legs as they are NOT getting ahead with overhauls, or even merely keeping up with repairs. They seem to have trouble getting engines out that are reliable – string, Sellotape and a prayer does not fix steam locomotives!

    It would be nice to have a shed full of locos ALL in boiler ticket but THAT isn’t going to happen. Two, perhaps three, Ol49s in ticket and another under overhaul is ALL you need. Anything more is actually a waste of money unless someone is willing to foot the not insubstantial bill!

    I have my ear fairly close to the ground at Wolsztyn, and while things do change, as far as I am aware the above is accurate.

  7. Alex Everts Says:

    Gavin, I think the deadline for Ol49-69 is the parade. (28 April)
    That the Pm36-2 goes back to Warsaw was not known to me!
    Thanks for that info.

    What do you think is the reason for the poor work in Leszno?
    The Pm36 in 2010 received a major overhaul in Leszno, without problems.

    What do you think are the solutions for the financial problems?

  8. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    The PM is read for traffic and will run to Wolsztyn today or tomorrow!!!!

    Fingers crossed that it is a reliable repair and that the Warsaw Museum
    will see sense and let it stay at Wolsztyn after April! Wolsztyn needs
    all the locomotives it can get at the moment!

  9. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    I think most of the problems of the poor repairs stem from the fact that steam takes second place to diesel repairs and that some of the techniques used take skills that cannot be rushed – bedding in bearings for example.

    As to finance, well the Poles seem to be throwing enough money at the steam service, but it is NOT being spent as well as it could or evem in the right areas and there is still a lot of in-fighting as can be witnessed by the ongoing fiasco when no one knows when the shed will be run by the new company and the fact that the Communist mindset is still entrenched in the psyche where people think that the state will always take control as it always used to.

    There are a lot of problems but the Poles seem not to be able to decide what actually to do – lots of meetings have taken place, but as far as I am aware nothing concrete has materialised.

    As to the Ok1 and Ok22 well they need a lot of work and that takes money and I cannot in the present climate see that being spent unless some outside agency (or enthusiasts) pay for it out of their own pockets – and it won’t be cheap!!

  10. Alex Everts Says:

    The good news is that Pm36-2 is back, now let’s hope that the locomotive remains in Wolsztyn. The locomotive is certified until 2016, so it’s a shame to not use it and put in a museum.

    Parowoz.com.pl reported yesterday that the boiler of the Ol49-69 has returned in Leszno. Hopefully, the locomotive will be ready soon.

  11. Alex Everts Says:

    The pm36-2 is back in service!
    The Ol49-59 ride the last time completely without problems every day! finally solved the many problems of the 59.
    Now hope that the Ol49-69 quickly comes back in Wolsztyn.
    The Museum in Warsaw has recently taken over the Pu29. Maybe that will replace the Pm36-2? The locomotive is too long for the turntable in Wolsztyn, so not suitable for the regular service but ideal for special trains.
    it will be an expensive repair ….

  12. Alex Everts Says:

  13. Dyspozytor Says:

    Many thanks for posting the link. Let’s hope she runs as well as she looks!

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