The tale of No 40


The Restoration of No 40 – a short film by Bob Krist about the restoration of the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad’s 2-8-0, built by Baldwin in 1925

(This is the first time ever that BTWT has embedded a video from vimeo. Click the ‘vimeo’ logo, then the expand out arrows to see the video full screen on another page.)

BTWT is at its best when reporting stories and some of our best stories are suggested by our readers. If we have managed to make the blog more interesting in recent months it is because a small band of readers regularly send in ideas for stories. Please keep up the good work!

Sometimes we get something out of the ordinary. Kent Kobersteen writes,

It’s not Poland, but here’s a great video that I’m sure the Behind The Water Tower readers would find interesting:

You bet Kent. It is a great video, which as well as showcasing the restoration of NH&IR No. 40, shows the amazing abilities of the new generation of DSLR cameras to shoot really high quality video. And the story of the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad is no less amazing! Follow the links below to learn more.


One Response to “The tale of No 40”

  1. Michael Dembinski Says:

    Lovely! Beautifully made – Vimeo has the edge over YouTube when it comes to quality and professionalism.

    And long may No. 40 grace the tracks of the USA!

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