Lifts? Please book 48 hours ahead.


The Centralna facelift has given the station a new cleaner appearance. Photo BTWT.

Friday’s Wyborcza daily newspaper and the TVP evening news carried the good news about the lifts at Warszawa Centralna. Apparently there have always been lifts at Centralna, but they had been hidden by the clutter that the station had accrued since it had been built.

Now as part of the stations 40 million zloty Euro 2012 facelift, the clutter has been removed, the lift doors painted a bright orange and pictograms put up showing where to find them.

There are guide strips for the visually impaired. Photo BTWT.

Naturally enough people with heavy luggage, prams or in wheelchairs, gather outside the lifts. They press the button and wait, and wait, and wait. Nothing happens. Then they make their way down to the platform as best they can. For people with wheelchairs the only way down is a slippery steep travelator at the far end of the platform.

Wyborcza took up the matter with the PKP press office. ‘They are freight only lifts installed in the 1970s. They weren’t intended for passengers.’ So why has access to the lifts been provided and pictograms displayed? ‘The lifts are available to passengers, but should be booked 48 hours beforehand’. Wyborcza tried ringing the number provided by PKP (22 47 46 016) several times, but no one answered.

You could not make it up!

There is a new lift, but it does not go to the trains. Video by .


  • Gazeta Wyborcza – zamów windę 48 godzin wcześniej

One Response to “Lifts? Please book 48 hours ahead.”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    New man in charge at the very top who promised SO much, yet nothing has changed!

    Why is Poland still stuck in the Communist era (or indeed the middle ages) when it comes to customer service?

    Yet another example of when Poland gets it wrong it gets it wrong SO badly. The guys in charge do not (or don’t care!) how poor this makes them look both at home and internationally when at the main station in the CAPITAL city even the lifts don’t work after such an expensive rebuilding. AND I bet all the monies used did not go to the contractors involved!!

    Poland could be such a great country, yet corruption and ineptitude still keep it back from proper expansion. (A bit like Britain really!)

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