No Steam Today – Postscript


Ol49-69 at Leszno on 27.11.2011. Photo John Savery.

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John Savery writes –

I’ve been following the blog on “No steam today”.  There are actually overhauls going on at Leszno at the moment, and some money is being put in to get more locos in steam.  I’ve attached some photos of Ol49-69 (previously 99) in Leszno taken 27 November when I was last out there.  The boiler is currently in Pila being overhauled, with the bottom end being done in Leszno.  Ol49-23 is next in line.  The tender is also being overhauled, with a new tank being fabricated.

A tender receiving attention. Photo John Savery.

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We are always pleased to hear from readers, especially when they can add some more information to a story published on BTWT. John Savery’s photo report from Leszno works casts a more optimistic light on the future of the regular steam services running between Wolsztyn and Poznan.

But hold on a moment, there seemed something dreadfully deja vue about John’s 27 November picture of the bottom half of Ol49-69 at the head of the article. A quick sort through the BTWT photo archive dug up the photo below taken on 17 September! Can anyone report on any more progress on this loco?

A rather less dusty Ol49-69 on 17.09.2011. Photo BTWT.

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5 Responses to “No Steam Today – Postscript”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    The locos at Leszno, apparently, are ONLY worked on when there is no work on the regular diesel maintenance. As the diesel locos are maintained under contract these come first.

    As I see it (and this is only my take on how locomotive sheds work having worked in one for the past 30 years) the foreman will see that the boiler is away to Pila and will see no merit in actually working on the frames/running gear of 69 until the boiler returns. This is only natural as he will be under enormous pressure to keep the freights running as they pay the bills!

    From what I have seen of Leszno’s work it is no great shakes and frankly smacks of getting the blasted things out of the shed as fast as possible- witness the number of hot boxes/other failures since Gieszno closed.

    I still have no faith in the long term viability of steam UNLESS the quality of the overhauls is raised to a standard where it is reliable. That just isn’t happening at the moment!

  2. John Savery Says:

    The only positive I take from it, is that the tender tank was being worked on whilst I was there. I took the shot when the welders came down. Deadlines for a locos return to Wolsztyn are notoriously flexible…

  3. Alex Everts Says:

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