A prosperous 2012?


Lodz Fabryczna, the last day – 15.10.2011. Photo BTWT

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May you have an interesting year, so goes the old Chinese curse. It certainly looks as if Poland’s railways are set to have such a year. The world’s financial crisis will get worse, probably much worse, before things start getting better, and Poland’s economy will be no exception. So there will be no more cash for Poland’s railways, all that Transport Minister, Slawomir Nowak, will be able to do is spend the cash that he has got more wisely.

Though Poland’s railways are the Cinderella of the European rail scene there is still some slack in the system – money and resources that could be used more effectively. But will Nowak, who has a reputation as an effective political fixer, have the courage to sort out Poland’s ‘rail mafia’, who are all milking the system for all that its worth, with little regard for the customer or the future?

Euro 2012 will be an interesting test. Will Poland’s railways rise to the challenge, or will Poland end up with egg on her face while PKP’s subsidiaries play the blame game?

A protracted period of illness caused quite a bit of pain and a 10-day pause on the blog. Though not everything is quite 100% – Dyspozytor is getting on a bit – hopefully we are now over the hump. The pause did give some useful time for reflection and perhaps BTWT will be better as a result. To all our readers and contributors, especially Robert Hall, John Savery, Ed Beale, Podroznik and Inzynier, we would like to wish you that 2012 brings more good things than bad!


P.S. If any of our readers are looking for some of experience in blog journalism, we are still looking for a Deputy Editor. News items, articles and photographs are always welcome!

One Response to “A prosperous 2012?”

  1. nanstallon Says:

    Best wishes heartily reciprocated. Hope, rather than expectation, that 2012 will bring better fortunes for Poland’s railways, especially narrow gauge.

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