Christmas Competition – No. 7


A very interesting, yet somewhat confusing location. Satellite photo courtesy Google Maps.

(Click to enlarge.)

The battle for first place in our Christmas competition is warming up. Waldemar Heise challenged our assertion that only Ed Beale correctly identified our last but one location as Umianowice on the Jedrzejow railway and, after checking all the correspondence that we received, the judges have accepted the challenge!

We received Ed’s answer on 21 December at 16:50, but Waldemar had already sent in an answer at 00:27 on the same day, which we somehow overlooked. Our sincere apologies to both Waldemar and Ed over the mix-up – the judges have had no choice, but to transfer the point for that round from Ed to Waldemar.

It is probably a good time to revisit the corrected score board:

1st round – Waldemar Heise, 1 point (Przemtorf Peat Plant)
2nd round – Ed Beale, 1 point (Karczmiska depot)
3rd round – Inzynier, 1 point (Hajnowka depot)
4th round – Waldemar Heise, 1 point (Golczewo)
5th round – Waldemar Heise, 1 point (Umianowice)

No correct entries were received for our last location which was in Przeworsk on the Przeworsk narrow gauge railway, so the point goes to Dyspozytor. Waldemar appears unbeatable with 3 points, but there are 7 more rounds to play, so anything is possible as far as the final score goes.

Our last location – the curve at Preworsk. ‘Slippy’ map courtesy Google Maps.

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