Christmas Competition – No. 6


Another sharp curve with just a hint that there may have been a triangle here once. Satellite photo courtesy Google Maps.

(Click image to enlarge.)

Our last location stumped most of our players, possibly because only a blurred satellite photo was available. However Ed Beale sent us the following e-mail.

I think this is Umianowice on the Jedrzejow narrow gauge railway.

That reminds me of someone I met on the Koszalin 113th anniversary train, Wojciech Ostrowski, who told me that the Umianowice – Hajdaszek – Stawiany line reopened this year for rail cycling. I can’t find any information on the website about whether this is open to the public though.

Ed was the only person to identifiy the location and so takes the point. This where during the operating season the Jedrzejow Railway lets you buy a beer or fry a sausage over a camp fire. Does anyone know the answer Ed’s question about ‘rail cycling’?

Today’s mystery location should bring in a large batch of entries. Meanwhile, for those BTWT readers who want to explore the Jedrzejow Raqilway from the comfort of their armchairs, here is a Google Maps ‘slippy map’ of Umianowice

Umianowice courtesy Google Maps

(Click to expand map and/or switch to satellite view.)

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