Christmas Competition – No. 4


Today’s mystery town and railway. Photo courtesy Google Maps.

(Click on image to expand.)

Today’s mystery location is a tough nut to crack. But the skill of BTWT readers is legendary, so there probably will be an expert on this particular railway who will have no problem in solving the puzzle..

Waldemar Heise and Michael Friedrich correctly identified our last location as the Hajnówka HQ of the 600mm tourist lines there, but Inzynier beat them to it and so takes the point. The Hajnówka base was once considerable larger – and the centre of a 200km network of 600mm forestry lines. Today just two branches, with a total length of 17 km, are operated as tourist lines.

The current score is: Waldemar Heise, Ed Beale and Inzynier, all with one point each. Who will be first to correctly identify today’s location?

Google Maps ‘slippy’ satellite view of the Hajnowka area.

(The image can be scrolled, scaled up or down, or changed for a ‘map view’.)

One Response to “Christmas Competition – No. 4”

  1. Michael Friedrich Says:

    …. well, to remember the towns name was impossible. But there are not so many locations in Poland where a narrow gauge line crosses another rail line in that way.

    Could be in Pomeria where the Gryfice – Stepnica line ducks under an West – East s.g. line.

    This towns name is Golczewo.



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