Christmas Competition – No. 3


Today’s mystery narrow gauge location courtesy Google Maps.

(Click image to enlarge.)

More players have joined the competition. Welcome to to one and all. We are particularly pleased to see participants who are taking part for the first time. There will be 12 questions in all, so, if you would like to play the game, it is not to late to join.

The last mystery picture was of Karczmiska depot – easily recognised by its distinctive double-ended shed and triangle – on the Naleczowska Kolej Dojazdowa, literally ‘Naleczow Feeder Railway’.

Poland’s koleje dojazdowe cause a problem for the translator. In English, secondary lines are not generally referred to as ‘feeder railways’, If they are standard gauge they are colloquially called ‘branch lines’, though formally they are railways. Narrow gauge are usually just ‘railways’. The Ffestiniog Railway is owned and operated by the Festiniog Railway Company. (Yes the different spelling of ‘Ffestiniog’ is correct!)

However, some British narrow gauge railways are called ‘narrow gauge railways’, the erstwhile North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways immediately spring to mind. Perhaps the closest to kolej dojazdowa in the physical sense of ‘a lightly laid feeder railway’ is the term ‘light railway’, which like kolej dojazdowa can be applied regardless of gauge.

However, in England this term has acquired a legal sense – a line laid under the powers of the Light Railways Act – and only certain light railways in the formerly Prussian administered areas of Poland were built under the terms of equivalent legislation.

In Poland there is a general tendency for former narrow gauge koleje dojazdowe, now operating as heritage lines, to brand themselves as koleje waskotorowe, so by translating in BTWT the names of such lines as the ‘Something or other Narrow Gauge Railway’ we are only following the trend.

Waldemar Heise, Inzynier and Michael Friedrich correctly identified Karczmiska, but Ed Beale was first and so gets the point.

A ‘slippy’ satellite picture of the Karczmiska area, which can be expanded, scrolled or viewed in Google Maps.

2 Responses to “Christmas Competition – No. 3”

  1. Michael Friedrich Says:

    … mmh, more difficult – Hainowka?

  2. Kajetan Says:

    “Commuter railways” seems to be a better translation.

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