(13 December 2011)

30 years ago today General Jaruzelski declared a state of Martial Law in Poland. Or as a friend of mine once eloquently put it:

The army and police of the Polish People’s Republic started shooting Polish workers in defence of the leading role of the Polish United Workers’ Party.


3 Responses to “111213”

  1. Alexander Says:

    We are made to believe that communism to an end when the Berlin wall came down.

    Let us not forget it was the Polish people who stood up against communism first. And the Polish people lead the way to freedom for all the peoples of Mid and Eastern Europe. !!!

    And why is the stasi file of Mrs Angela Merkel still closed ? What “good” did she do in the DDR ??

  2. nanstallon Says:

    Lest we forget.

  3. John Savery Says:

    It would seem that most of the footage was shot in Wroclaw. Some very distinctive shots of Most Grundwaldski. Very strange to look at the footage, I remember as a child the news on the television, and even stranger to look at the footage now, after finding myself living there for a couple of years less than 20 years later.

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