Christmas Competition – No. 2


A narrow gauge location somewhere in Poland courtesy of Google Maps. But where?

(Click to enlarge.)

A warm welcome to Waldemar Heise who entered the labyrinthine domain of BTWT competitions for the first time only to immediately snatch a point just as Dyspozytor was gazing longingly at another bottle of Zubrowka. Waldemar was the only person to submit an entry. Come on BTWT regulars, where are you all? Dozing off to many pre-Christmas party drinks, I expect.

There’s something to said for the Polish custom whereby the whole country celebrates St Andrew’s day and then everybody slows down their rate of beverage consumption until Christmas. Andrew is the patron saint of countries not particularly known for being abstemious: Scotland, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, and in bygone times, Prussia.

While on the subject of saints, here is a brief note about Saints Barbara and Catherine in reply to a couple of recent comments by Robert Hall. St Barbara is the patron saint of artillerymen, military engineers, miners and others who work with explosives because her wicked father was struck down by lightning. St Catherine looks after railwaymen, because Emperor Maxentius ordered her to be tortured on a spiked wheel. So Barbara – explosives; Catherine – wheeled transport. Easy!

Our congratulations to Waldemar for correctly identifying the Przemtorf Peat Processing Plant – and its narrow gauge railway at Nowy Chwalim near Szczecinek. There are some nice photos of the railway on Peter Wilhelm’s fascinating Eisenbahnen in Pommern website. Below is a ‘slippy’ satellite picture of the peatfields, which can be expanded, scrolled or viewed in map view.

3 Responses to “Christmas Competition – No. 2”

  1. Michael Friedrich Says:

    … 99.9% Karczmiska, on the Naleczowska KD…

  2. Robert Hall Says:

    Thanks for setting right, about saints. The thing about the Italian bloke — I must have dreamed it…

  3. Jo Says:

    Is it Sroda, seen from the East? Mind you, I only saw it from ground level…. got a lovely picture of a lady ‘fat controller’ there :)

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