No DB coaches for IC


EP07-374 pilots another unidentified PKP IC loco at the head of a Warsaw-bound train at Lodz Fabryczna on 22 May 2011, Photo BTWT.

(Click image to enlarge.)

Though a meeting to discuss the matter is set up for 9 November, it is our understanding that DB management have already informed PKP IC that they will be unable to provide passenger coaches on lease for the duration of Euro 2012.

PKP InterCity’s problems arose because of the loss-making company waited until October 2010 before going out to tender with the contract to repair 748 passenger coaches. It seems that the railway workshops that bid for the contract were well aware that this was a prestigious deal that PKP IC could not afford to get wrong and so pitched their prices accordingly.

PKP IC bosses were horrified at the high prices tendered and put into motion a second tender in the hope that this may result in more affordable rates. Meanwhile June 2012 looms ever closer…


One Response to “No DB coaches for IC”

  1. Podroznik Says:

    According to the linked article, IC asked DB and CD back in April about borrowing carriages, and were pretty much told “no” at that time. Now, 9 months later they’re still holding out hope? It boggles the mind. This is going to be a complete disaster.

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