Christmas Competition – No. 1


Somewhere in Poland courtesy of Google Maps. But where?

(Click to enlarge.)

Our last competition seemed to go down quite well, so here is another, specially devised for the holiday season. Between now and the New Year we will be publishing Google satellite views of a dozen narrow gauge railway locations scattered around Poland.

All you have to do is to be the first to send in the correct answer to gain a point. If no one submits a correct answer before the next question is published, Dyspozytor gets a point. Answers may be submitted either via the Comments facility or by e-mail to our mail box: railfan [at] go2 [dot] pl.

The person who gets the maximum amount of points is the winner. The winner gets to take Dyspozytor out for a drink / a bottle of Zubrowka (delete as appropriate!).

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