PKP Cargo celebrate St Catherine’s feastday


Photo report by John Savery

Ol49-59 and Sw. Katarzyna statue, PKP Cargo offices, Poznan. Photo ©John Savery

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Swieta Katarzyna (Saint Catherine) is the patron saint of railway workers in Poland.  25 November, the saint’s feast day, saw PKP Cargo celebrate the rededication of their statue to Sw Katarzyna, in front of their offices at the rear of the Cargo shed in Poznan.

A moment during the rededication ceremony, PKP Cargo offices, Poznan. Photo ©John Savery

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Ol49-59, which had worked the morning train from Wolsztyn down to Leszno the previous day, had been buffed up to a shine, and worked light engine to Poznan that morning, in time for the celebrations.  With brass band playing, and standards paraded, the statue was blessed, before the engine worked light back to Leszno in time for the scheduled afternoon train to Wolsztyn.

Days work done, Ol49-59 basks in the evening sun, outside Leszno MPD. Photo ©John Savery

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2 Responses to “PKP Cargo celebrate St Catherine’s feastday”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    If I’m right (not well-genned-up about these matters) – St. Catherine is the all-purpose patron saint for things to do with fire / machines / explosions, not so? I seem to recall reading somewhere, that there’s a different, alternative patron saint for railways and railway workers – an Italian railwayman who lived an exemplary Catholic life? May be completely imagining this; and this post is in not intended as a put-down – just would be genuinely interested to know.

  2. Robert Hall Says:

    Further thought – seem to recall reading that St. Barbara is the explosions / explosives one. Should perhaps not try to teach my non-grandmother to suck non-eggs…

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