PKP IC to build itself a new HQ


Dworzec Wschodni. Satellite photo courtesy

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PKP IC is in trouble – in 2010 the company posted a 150 million PLN loss, it has insufficient funds to maintain its fleet of coaches, its trains are dirty and overcrowded, the air-conditioned road coaches of Polski Bus pose a serious threat.

What should the company do in such circumstances? Sweat the assets? Cut down on corporate jollies? Ramp up customer service? Make the bosses travel around Poland in their own trains? What does PKP IC actually plan to do? Build itself a prestigious new multi-million PLN HQ next to Warszawa Wschodnia!

Click the first link below and post the URL of the article into Google Translate for an interesting article on Infokolei about the HQs of the PKP subsidiaries.


2 Responses to “PKP IC to build itself a new HQ”

  1. Michael Dembinski Says:

    It beggars belief. For Polish readers who’ve not read it, the paean to in this week’s Newsweek Polska should be a wake-up call to PKP IC. 100 staff of whom 92 are drivers… this is LEAN.

    Poland may not yet be Greece (where it would be cheaper to close the state railways and drive everyone everywhere the wanted to go by taxi) but it’s getting that way.

    Tusk’s new ministers should get on these fat cats’ case right now.

  2. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Tusk won’t make any difference as long as the fat cats are in charge – they hold too much influence!

    The Polish way of doing business has NOT changed since the iron curtain fell – they still all want backhanders (and get them) to ensure things run smoothly. Except it doesn’t run at all in some cases!

    All the managers who sidelined the coaches in the first place should be sacked and the monies saved used to refurbish the coaches. EVEN if that costs more in the short term than renting DB coaches, in the long term PKP IC will have coaches they can use instead of wasting money on rental. Or is that too much of an abstract concept for their little brains to get around?

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