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PKP IC to build itself a new HQ

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Dworzec Wschodni. Satellite photo courtesy

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PKP IC is in trouble – in 2010 the company posted a 150 million PLN loss, it has insufficient funds to maintain its fleet of coaches, its trains are dirty and overcrowded, the air-conditioned road coaches of Polski Bus pose a serious threat.

What should the company do in such circumstances? Sweat the assets? Cut down on corporate jollies? Ramp up customer service? Make the bosses travel around Poland in their own trains? What does PKP IC actually plan to do? Build itself a prestigious new multi-million PLN HQ next to Warszawa Wschodnia!

Click the first link below and post the URL of the article into Google Translate for an interesting article on Infokolei about the HQs of the PKP subsidiaries.


Bydgoszcz Station tramlink progress

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Progress on the new tram line to Bydgoszcz Station. Official video.

After more than 20 years, work is in progress to enable trams to return to Bydgoszcz Station. The original tram line, running mostly along ul Dworcowa, was closed in 1990. The reason being given at the time was fear that the vibrations of the trams would damage a gas mains. On this basis, most of Poland’s remaining on-street tramlines should be candidates for closure!

The new tram line, will run mostly on reserved track and includes a new bridge over the River Brda. The project, including related road improvements will cost 100 million PLN with some 42.5 million coming from EU funds. The new service is targeted to open in November 2012.

A hat tip to Podroznik for the link.