Koszalin anniversary special


Photo report by Ed Beale

The day begins. Koszalin engine shed, 26.11.2011. Photo Ed Beale.

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A notice on the Towarzystwo Milosnikow Koszalinskiej Waskotorowki’s (TMKW’s) Facebook site invited people to ride on a special train on the occasion of the 113th anniversary of the opening of the Koszalin Narrow Gauge railway. Departure was advised as 11:00 on Saturday 26 November. Pre-booking and pre-payment into a Polish bank account was advised as mandatory. For people without a Polish bank account, payment into a Polish bank account can be very expensive, but with the help of Dyspozytor a work-around was found.

Champagne and TV at Koszalin station. Photo Ed Beale.

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The day went well. There were about 40 participants, and the weather was fairly kind with some sunshine and no rain. A TVP Televizja Polska reporter and cameraman were filming at Koszalin, where there was a speech, a 113th birthday cake with a piece for everyone, and a bottle of ‘champagne’ was smashed onto the front of the locomotive!

One of several photstops. Photo Ed Beale.

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The train, consisting of Lxd2-476, Romanian coach, brake van and an empty transporter wagon departed at about 11:25. We had several photo stops and a longer stop at Bonin, and reached Manowo at 13:15, where there was an bonfire and people cooked sausages for lunch. Then at around 14:10 we continued the journey south to the current end of the line with just the locomotive and coach. This was an additional 2 km beyond Manowo.

New life for old transporters. Photo Ed Beale.

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The TMKW are rebuilding a stretch of track which was stolen after PKP abandoned the line, with the goal of reaching Rosnowo. After another long stop, and coupling up three transporter wagons being used as p-way wagons to take back to Manowo, the train started back at around 15:10. At Manowo a fair amount of shunting was required to deposit the wagons we had brought from the end of the line and run round the train, which took about 25 minutes, then we continued into the gathering dusk, reaching Koszalin at 16:25.

The end of the line. Photo Ed Beale.

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I had a chance to look into the sheds, where all the operational stock is securely stored. The group currently have Lxd2-476, Romanian railbus MBxd2-307, the Romanian coach and an open sided summer coach, the brake van and a p-way trolley. The shed area looks neat and tidy and I was very impressed with the amount of work that the TMKW must have put in to make it that way having taken over a derelict site only a few years ago.

2 Responses to “Koszalin anniversary special”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    Fascinating account — thanks. Had mentally written this line off as “too far gone / beyond hope” — it’s delightful to see indications otherwise !

  2. Robert Parry Says:

    Excellent… I was at Manowo last month, on foot. I noticed an overgrown and rusting branch line going left as you walked right from the station towards the road

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