Kalisz n.g. special booking details


Opatowek – Turek special train in 1995. Film .

SKPL have published more details of their Kalisz Narrow Gauge Railway railtour which is due to run on 3rd December, Impreza Mikołajki z TOWOS-em. Departure will be from Kakisz (main line) station at 09:30.

A vintage San H100 bus will first take passengers to inspect the site of the former narrow gauge passenger terminus, Kalisz Waskotorowy and then on to the SKPL Headquarters at Zbiersk Cukrownia. Here there will be an opportunity to look around the depot and photograph the extensive collection of narrow gauge freight vehicles.

The special train to Opatowek will depart at 10:30. The train will be a mixed passenger/freight train hauled by an Lxd2 diesel. There will be two standard gauge Rs bogie bolster wagons (on narrow gauge transporter wagons) a Romanian DMU trailer coach and a brake van. At Opatowek participants will be able to photograph the standard gauge wagons being unloaded from their narrow gauge transporters.

The Kalisz Narrow Gauge Railway. Map & map data courtesy Google Maps.

(Click on image to see a larger map which can be expanded and scrolled.)

The cost of the trip – including the vintage bus fare (one-way) from Kalisz to Zbiersk is 60 zloty. Participants who wish to make their own way to Zbiersk and forgo the bus will only be charged 50 zloty. Both fares include the cost of light refreshments. There are only 30 seats available on the bus and these must be reserved before hand. Return to Kalisz (not included in the cost) is by a normal service leaving Zbiersk at 17:20.

Reservations – which must be accompanied by a bank transfer – can be made by contacting Robert Matczak on + 48 503 095 577. Prepayments are only required from participants travelling on the vintage bus and should be made to:

RWM COM – Robert Matczak
Rychnów Kolonia 18
62-814 Rychnów

bank account: 72114020040000310268113032

BTWT regulars who wish to take the vintage bus option and who do not have a Polish bank account are asked to contact Dyspozytor urgently either by e-mail on railfan [at] go2 [dot] pl or via the BTWT comments facility.

Special train at Opatowek on 16 April 2011. Photo BTWT.

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