Rails for Krosnice


A new park railway takes shape…

Well drained base and firm foundation

A brand new narrow  gauge railway in Poland! This is Alice in Wonderland story seems almost too good to be true. But as these photos – sent to us by a BTWT reader – show, the new railway is actually taking shape. Although, like the adventures of Alice, the actual story has a bitter twist.

The new junction takes shape.

The municipality of Krosnice (not to be confused with the town of Krosniewice!) is building a 3.2 km park railway around a sports and recreational complex which it is developing with the help of EU Regional Development funds.

The total project is to cost about 6.6 m PLN and involves the digging of several lakes as well as building the railway. The budget is as follows:  building several lakes – 1.26M PLN, building the narrow gauge railway – 3M PLN, track materials – 0.8M PLN, fitting out 6 halts – 0.2M PLN, purchase of rolling stock – 1M PLN, purchase of steam locomotive 0.6M PLN.

Trackwork complete.

But the project is but a faint echo of a much grander project which fell by the wayside. When the potential of EU-funded tourist development projects was first realised several ambitious Welsh Highland style railway restoration projects were pencilled in for Dolny Slask province.

One of these was the rebuilding of the rack railway in the owl mountains. Another – which made a great deal of progress in the early stages – was a partnership by three local authorities to restore a section of the Wroclaw narrow gauge railway between Pracze – Milicz Wask. – Bracław.

The section of the Wroclaw Narrow Gauge Railway which was to have been restored. Map courtesy Google maps (maps.google.com). Railway mapping courtesy Railmap (mapa.kolej.one.pl).

(Click map to enlarge.)

Sadly a series of legal obstacles prevented the rebuilding of the Wroclaw line. The section is now being developed as a ‘railway themed‘ cycle path. But the local authority whose base was furthest from the line – Krosnice – was so taken with the idea that they decided to go-ahead and build a railway of their own! (Oh yes, I nearly forgot. I did have a long talk with one of their officials some 3 or so years ago.)



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