Congratulations to 555-3008 team…


for a job well done!

Looking more like a scale model than a full-sized locomotive, immaculately restored 555-3008 on 30.10.2011. From a photo on

(Click on the image to see the photo report on about 555-3008’s test run.)

BTWT likes railway heritage success stories ‘over the border’, because we believe that gradually there will be a ‘drip feed’ effect on railway preservation practice in Poland. So we were delighted to read on the Slowak railway portal – http://www.railtrains – about the successful test run of furnace fuel oil burner 555-3008. Reconstruction of the ‘kriegslok’ began in autumn 1999 by the Club of Friends of Railway History – Bratislava East. The work was officially completed on 30 October 2011 when the locomotive passed its technical and safety tests, which took place on the Bratislava Vajnory – Galanta section of line 130.

The engine is now certified to run on the ZSR mainlines and is no longer confined to the tracks of Bratislava MPD. During its run, 555-3008 achieved a speed of 80 km/h on the Seneca – Sládkovičovo section.  of TBS-ka. A fire extinguisher train was in attendance, but as the engine uses heavy residue oil as fuel, it is unlikely likely that this precaution will be needed in the future. Some wonderful photos from the test run by Bocco, XxXcompany, Eminem, Volod appear on the portal.

We congratulate all the members of the Club of Friends of Railway History – Bratislava East involved in the restoration and hope that 555-3008 will be hauling trains for many years to come.


2 Responses to “Congratulations to 555-3008 team…”

  1. Mike Winslow Says:

    The Czechs and Slovaks are rather quiet about what they are doing. They are to be congratulated, and should be emulated. last month I went to the Czech Republic and visited the CD Muzeum at Luzna. There were 4 locos in steam, two of which worked special trains. Those locos not in steam were, by and large, grouped around the turntable. A magnificent show. If only something similar could happen in Poland.

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