Steam special to Nowy Sacz


Take a trip – make a difference!

Video clip of the return leg of the Chabowka-Dobra kolo Limanowa-Chabowka steam special near Mszana Dolna hauled by Ty2-911 on 27 August 2011. Video Neohagrid.

On Saturday 12 November, there will be a rare (and possibly last) opportunity to ride a steam special along the entire length of the Chabowka – Nowy Sacz line. The railway is part of the Galician Transverse Railway. It was built in 1884, during the days when this region of Poland was part of the Austrio-Hungarian empire. The co-organisers are Fundacja Era Parowozow and Gnieznienskie Stowarzyszenie Sympatykow Kolei.

A number of senior local government officials have been invited to ride on the train. If it is heavily patronised, it will strengthen the case for retaining this line as a tourist railway run in association with the Chabowka railway museum. So by taking a trip on this train you can help to make a positive impact on the chances of saving the railway for future generations.

One of the people behind this initiative is Robert Dylewski. Robert was the instigator of the successful campaign to save Ty2-5680 from scrapping, he has also been a tireless fighter in the battle to save  the railway museum at Pyskowice.

Most steam specials on the Nowy Sacz line run from Chabowka to Mszana Dolna or Dobra Kolo Limanowa, this trip will be rare opportunity to ride the whole line. The special will depart Chabowka around 08:00 in the morning; arrival in Nowy Sacz is envisaged around 13:30. There will be a ‘stretch break’ at Nowy Sacz of about 1 hour and the train will return to Chabowka around 18:00. Several photo stops are planned for the outward leg. The train will be hauled by Chabowka-based Ty2-911 and the formation will include a buffet car. Bring along your own beer!

The cost of the trip will be 250PLN. Reservations are being taken on a ‘first come, first served basis’. Further details are available from Michal Swiatek on +48 727 554 611 from 09:00 to 20:00.


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