Film competition – tie breaker


The magician starts his journey home from Edinburgh Waverley station. Still from Sylvain Chomet’s L’illusionniste.

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Consternation reigned in the BTWT tower when it became clear that there is no overall winner in our film competition. Much to our astonishment nobody identified our last mystery film as Sylvain Chomet’s L’illusionniste. This, the last appearance of Jacques Tati’s slightly jejune gentleman character (Mr Hulot’s Holiday, Traffic) albeit, albeit faithfully recreated in animated form, is a wonderful evocation of Britain about to be changed forever by the ‘swinging sixties’. There are many scenes of railway interest and Edinburgh never looked so attractive.

The film is a faithful tribute to Tati without ever becoming a pastiche. Based on one of Tati’s own scripts – which he never produced – it tells the story of two people whose paths intersect. The first is a magician of the music hall tradition, forced by changing public tastes to travel ever further – from cities to remote villages – to present his magic show. The second is that of a naive young girl, Alice, who still has the sense of wonder of childhood. The meeting of these two lonely souls is a tender and magical moment, but both are destined to move on…

Amazon currently have L’illusionniste available on DVD for £5.37. If you buy through our link below, a small contribution will be paid by Amazon to us.

The Illusionist [DVD]

A clip from our tie breaker.

With no one identifying L’illusionniste, Dyspozytor has notched up another point. The score is now: Gavin Whitelaw and Dyspozytor are  in joint first place with 4 points; Mike Winslow is second with 3 points and Alex Fitch is third with 1 point. Since splitting a bottle of Zubrowka in two might be a tad difficult [We could always meet up and drink it together! D.] our competition board have decided to hold a tie-breaker. Today’s film has a great deal of railway interest, but is probably better known by cineastes than rail fans.

3 Responses to “Film competition – tie breaker”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    An A3 with a headlight in the 1950s?? :-)

    I think you are going to win with this new film! No idea on this one at all!

  2. Mike Winslow Says:

    I’ve thought long and hard about the tie breaker. Two films come to mind, Bete Humaine, but i don’t recall ancient wooden coaches. Could it be Battaile du Rail? I’ve never seen this film, although i wouldn’t mind getting a DVD from somewhere. Anyway, the competion has been a lot of fun, that’s the maim thing.

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