Your own steam loco?


Ol49-111 2-6-0 Gauge 1 live steam. Video by Gauge One Video.

Anyone fancy their own steam locomotive? No joke, we are being serious. An Aster “Kreigslok” would set you back £3,850 in kit form, or £4,500 completely made up. A Prussian P8 kit is good value at £3,000, or you can buy the locomotive assembled for £4,000.

Alternatively we can offer 4 shares in a Tkp 0-8-0T at £2,500. This is a full-size locomotive, not a model. It is substantially complete, with a good boiler and motion. It needs the usual stripping down. cleaning and painting, and boiler and air cylinder certification. There is a verbal agreement in place for the loco to operate hauling freight trains on a local authority-owned branch line.

The owner of the locomotive currently resides in England, but hopes to relocate to Poland in due course. He would like to recruit a consortium of like-minded folk to work with him to restore the locomotive to working order.

The original Ol49-111 kit at Leszno. Photo BTWT.

2 Responses to “Your own steam loco?”

  1. John Savery Says:

    Perhaps the owner would like to show Cargo how to put the real 111 back together!

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