Film competition – part 11


Early London Underground District line driving coach. Still from Passport to Pimlico.

The BTWT editorial team are in Gdansk attending TRAKO, the international railway fair, so today’s post is just a quickie. The last mystery film was the well-loved Ealing comedy film, Passport to Pimlico, made in 1949. Much to our surprise the only person to get the answer right was Gavin Whitelaw. Gavin moves into first place with 4 points, Mike Winslow is second with 3 points, Dyspozytor has 2 points and Alex Fitch 1 point.

Amazon UK have a few DVD copies of Passport to Pimlico available for £4:39.

Passport To Pimlico 1949 [DVD]

A still from what film?

One Response to “Film competition – part 11”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Not sure at all about this one – not even sure of railway company. It looks to be early 1960s by the colour palette of the film so I will hazard a guess at something Greek(ish) or perhaps Turkish so my best guess is Topaki with Peter Ustinov.

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