Green paint petition


Steam engine and green coaches. Photo TPWP.

(Click image to go to the TPWP website.)

Podroznik draws our attention to a petition on the website of Towarzystwo Przyjaciol Wolsztynskiej Parowozowni (The Friends of Wolsztyn Steam Shed) appealing for signatures on a petition requesting that the passenger coaches, on trains hauled by steam locomotives based at Wolsztyn, be repainted in the old PKP livery of dark olive green.

BTWT supports the idea of the petition on three counts: first of all, the olive green livery is attractive and historically correct for steam’s swansong in Poland; secondly, it is important to remind the powers-that-be that the regular passenger turns serviced by Wolsztyn engines are of enormous interest all round the world; and thirdly, we applaud the idea of Polish railway enthusiasts actively ‘lobbying’ to promote the railways and trains that they cherish. Lobbying and engagement with local communities are two fundamental tools that a small group of us have been trying to teach Polish railway societies – with mixed success – over the last 8 years!

The green paint petition is interesting for the stark picture it paints of the current responsibilities for the steam workings:

Wielkopolska province Chief Executive’s Office (sponsor), Przewozy Regionalne (owner of the passenger carriages), Koleje Wielkopolskie (operating company) and PKP Cargo (owner of the steam engines)

No wonder the steam turns regularly run into difficulty. It is a matter of profound regret that, following numerous ‘reorganisations’, the whole of the Polish railway system appears to be run on similar lines.

The petition can be downloaded as a pdf file by clicking on the link below. Curiously the organisers do not actually indicate who they intend to send the petition to. Will they send it to: The Chief Executive of Wielkopolska province? The Chief Executive of Przewozy Regionalne? The Chief Executive of Koleje Wielkopolskie? The Chief Executive of PKP Cargo? The Minister for Rail? Local and national press and TV? All of these? It would be nice to know.


  • Petition form (pdf file to print out)
  • Postal address: Towarzystwo Przyjaciol Wolsztynskiej Parowozowni,
    ul. Doktora Kocha 12A, 64-200 Wolsztyn, POLAND
  • e-mail:

2 Responses to “Green paint petition”

  1. nanstallon Says:

    Remember the antics of the British with gaudy liveries, the Pilkington set being with little doubt the worst? Let’s hope that Poland has more sense.

  2. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Not so far they haven’t with rail privatisation!

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